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المستشار القانونى ياسر سلامه

المستشارالقانوني ياسر سلامه محامى مصرى متخصص في القضاء المدني,مجلس الدوله,الاحوال الشخصيه,القضايا التجاريه , تاسيس الشركات التجاريه فى مصر


المستشار القانونى ياسر سلامه


٧ عمارات العبور، Salah Salem St
Cairo Governorate Cairo Governorate 11757



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About Cairo Governorate

Cairo Governorate (Arabic: محافظة القاهرة) is one of the 27 governorates of Egypt. It is formed of the city of Cairo, both the national capital of Egypt and the governorate's, in addition to five satellite cities: the New Administrative Capital - set to become the seat of national government, New Cairo, Shourok, Badr, Capital Gardens, and 15th of May. These cities form almost half of the Greater Cairo metropolitan area by population. As one of three city-states in Egypt, where the Cairo governor is also the head of the city. This rightfully creates much confusion and synonymity between the Governorate of Cairo, and the city, though officially they are two semi-distinct levels of local government, and as with other governorates, the governor is appointed by the president.

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