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Dumpster Rental Systems


1320 Arrow Point Dr Suite 307
Cedar Park Texas 78613



Dumpster Rental Systems (DRS) offers an all-in-one software solution for waste haulers and dumpster rental businesses. The software automates many aspects of the business including online booking, customer relation management, dispatching and asset tracking. It includes an Administrator App, which allows business owners to manage every aspect of their business, as well as a Driver App, which allows drivers to manage orders and accept payments on the move. The software includes other features such as box tracking which allows you assign box numbers to inventory and track the status of each dumpster. DRS also offers a comprehensive reporting system with over 200 filters and reports, allowing businesses make data-driven business decisions. The software is designed to increase productivity, sales, and revenue while reducing costs and stress.

The true online booking system of Dumpster Rental System (DRS) stands out as one of its most distinctive features. This system is designed for businesses to increase their dumpster sales by up to 60%. The online ordering system allows customers to place orders at any given time. It is user-friendly and customizable. This not only improves the customer experience, but also allows the business to run 24/7 without needing additional manpower. The software also sends alerts for same-day orders and allows for overbooking options.

DRS's focus on efficiency and communications is another notable feature. The Driver App is particularly instrumental in achieving this. The Driver App allows drivers to manage their orders, accept payments and communicate with clients while on the go. The app has other features such as clock-in/clock-out functionality, route configuring, internal notes, tonnage input, and the ability upload photos. This allows drivers to have all the information at their fingertips and complete their tasks efficiently while keeping the office up-to-date in real time.

Furthermore, DRS is equipped with robust reporting features that allow businesses to analyze various aspects of their operations. Businesses can drill down to data such as Return On Investment (ROI), Inventory Usage, Sales, and Employee Performance with over 200 reports and filter options. This data-driven approach allows businesses to better understand their customers and make informed business decisions. Additionally, DRS offers integration with Quickbooks, TaxCloud, Google Maps, and has an Open API for further customization. The software also includes features for email marketing, customizable documents, contract signatures, and much more, making it a comprehensive solution for waste haulers and dumpster rental businesses.


About Cedar Park

Cedar Park is a city and a suburb of Austin in the state of Texas, approximately 16 miles (26 km) northwest of the center of Austin. According to the 2020 U.S. census, the city's population was 77,595, and in 2022 was estimated to be 77,642. == History == Before the arrival of European settlers in the 19th century, the Cedar Park area was inhabited by Native American tribes including the Tonkawa, the Lipan Apache, and the Comanche. A paleo-American archaeological site (named the Wilson-Leonard site) was discovered in Cedar Park in 1983 that showed evidence of continual habitation of the area since circa 5000 BC. In the mid-19th century the community was known as Running Brushy, named after a spring that formed the headwaters of a creek of the same name. In 1873 George and Harriet Cluck, after having run cattle up the Chisholm Trail for many years, bought 329 acres (1.33 km2) of land that included the Running Brushy spring.

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