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Ontario Hearing Centers – Gates Office



Ontario Hearing Centers - Gates Office


785A Spencerport Road
Rochester New York 14606
United States


(585) 247-4810

Ontario Hearing Center is dedicated to providing you with quality hearing services to ensure that you can live your life to the fullest. Rochester, NY residents can now benefit from the most advanced hearing solutions and technology available.

Ontario Hearing Centers have been providing hearing solutions since 1956. Hearing aids aren't the only option for hearing loss. Ontario Hearing Centers are proud members of the Cochlear Provider Network. If hearing aids don't provide enough help for your hearing loss, we offer cochlear options so you can hear your very best.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, using the latest hearing technology.


About Rochester

Rochester () is a city in the U.S. state of New York, the seat of Monroe County, and the fourth-most populous in the state after New York City, Buffalo, and Yonkers, with a population of 211,328 at the 2020 United States census. Located in Western New York, the city of Rochester forms the core of a larger metropolitan area with a population of 1 million people, across six counties. The city was one of the United States' first boomtowns, initially due to the fertile Genesee River Valley, which gave rise to numerous flour mills, and then as a manufacturing center, which spurred further rapid population growth.Rochester rose to prominence as the birthplace and home of some of America's most iconic companies, in particular Eastman Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb (along with Wegmans, Gannett, Paychex, Western Union, French's, Constellation Brands, RagĂș, and others), by which the region became a global center for science, technology, and research and development. This status has been aided by the presence of several internationally renowned universities (notably the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology) and their research programs; these schools, along with many other smaller colleges, have played an increasingly large role in Greater Rochester's economy. Rochester has also played a key part in US history as a hub for certain important social and political movements, especially abolitionism and the women's rights movement.Today, Rochester's economy is defined by technology and education (aided by a highly educated workforce, research institutions, and other strengths born in its past).



Client Reviews

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Helen Bartos

hearing aids

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Orlando. First I had to get past my resistance to needing hearing aids. She was competent, thoroughly professional, patient and very understanding. Acknowledging hearing loss was not easy for me, but she made the undertaking as positive and pleasant as possible. I recommend Ontario Hearing Centers without reservation.

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Margaret Cherkasky


John is all audiologist should be and more. This applies to Andrea and Joe as well. They have a passion for what they do.They are knowledgeable, helpful, take lots of time with me and are always there when needed. After my cochlear implant surgery, John called to see how I was doing and to tell me there would be a big difference in my life. As a result of the implant, my hearing in the right ear is within normal range. There have been adjustments, programs, tests in this process. Each time I come i

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Dean Myslivecek

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are expensive. You might as well get great customer service from a well educated staff. Ontario Hearing is the perfect place to gather information, buy your hearing devices, and get a friendly and helpful staff to wait on you.

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Olivia S. Piacentini


Listen up! Have you all heard? This is the best audiology center in the Rochester area. The front end staff is very patient and understanding. Customer service is second to none. The young lady at the front was very attentive my needs and inquiries.

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Camilla Pearson

Hearing Aids

Service that is professional and thorough. The practitioner, was courteous, precise, and detailed in his explanations of the process. He allayed any fears I had about the testing and was extremely patient when necessary. So Ontario Hearing Centers - Hearing Aids Rochester New York is the only choice which works for us. The facilities were spotless, and he sanitized as he went, giving the impression of a secure atmosphere. The phone discussions have been really pleasant and informative. I

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